A poem by the late Dave Turk

Go into this new day with confidence
There is so much for us to achieve.
Rejoice in the things which God has prepared
And the blessings that we will receive.

There are so many things which we pass by
As we focus on what needs to be done.
We don’t see the flowers under our feet,
All we see is the race to be run.

We can still reach the goal that we aim for,
But enjoy every step as it’s made.
The time that it takes to look to the side,
Could reveal that Jesus has some to our aid.

If we open our eyes even wider,
And take note of the things we pass by,
Our journey becomes a pleasure,
Which makes us feel we really can fly.

God didn’t make us to rush through the day,
And not share what He wants us to see.
If we make time to let Him show us,
We’ll find blessings He gives you and me.

There are so many promises Jesus made,
And all we must do is believe.
We need to have faith and expectations,
Then His grace is what we will receive.