Our Cup of Happiness


Lord God, how full our cup of happiness!
We drink and drink – and yet it grows not less;
But every morn the newly risen sun
Finds it replenished, sparkling, overrun.
Hast Thou not given us raiment, warmth and meat,
And in due season, all earth’s fruits to eat?
Work for our hands and rainbows for our eyes,
And for our souls the wings of butterflies?
A father’s smile, a mother’s fond embrace,
The tender light upon a lover’s face?
The talk of friends, the twinkling eye of mirth,
The whispering silence of the good green earth?
Hope for our youth and memories for age,
And psalms upon the heaven’s moving page?
And dost Thou not of pain a mingling pour,
To make the cup but overflow the more?

Gilbert Thomas