Being healed from our blindness

There is that well-known passage in Mark 8, where Jesus healed the blind man. One of the interesting things about this miracle is that it happened in two stages. The first time Jesus healed the blind man he could only see partially. Jesus touched the man’s eyes a second time. Only then could he see clearly. The good news is that Jesus didn’t leave this man half-healed.

In this story we notice two things, the first thing is the considerateness of Jesus and the second thing is the touch of Jesus. Let’s look at the considerateness of Jesus. Jesus led the man out of the shouting and confusion. “He led him out of the village.” (Mk8:23) Why did Jesus do this? He did this so that the blind man could hear Him without distraction. The second reason is that Jesus knew that it would be far better if he could be taken to a place where the thrill of seeing would break less suddenly upon him.

Let’s look at the touch of Jesus. Jesus used a method that the blind man could understand. Jesus spat on his eyes and lay hands on him. To spit on his eyes and lay hands on him were things that a blind person could understand. Touch in a good sense is extremely important. It is personal and has a far deeper impact that exceeds just the spoken word.

Where does that leave us? Jesus wants to restore us. We’re invited to open our lives and allow Jesus to take us to places with little distraction, and allow Jesus to touch us with His power.
This healing moment doesn’t end there. There’s a symbolic meaning. One biblical commentator says that the healing of the blind man is symbolic of the disciples’ blindness in terms of their lack of understanding as to who Jesus was. Perhaps this story bears resemblance to our own blindness in terms of our lack of understanding as to who Jesus truly is. Being spiritually blind is being ignorant to the realities around us and being ignorant to who God is.
One of the things this story teaches us is that we need to be healed of our spiritual blindness and to know that Jesus doesn’t leave us half healed. He restores us fully. Even though we may have experienced the powerful, subtle touch of Jesus once before we need the second touch of Jesus. We need the second touch to see properly. It is God who is all powerful to heal our blindness and who can restore our sight.
What is it that you would like God to restore today? Is it your sight?

Remain in the grace of Jesus Christ.