Feeding Scheme Shopping

Don’t forget to add a loaf of bread to your shopping list to help feed the poor.

Christmas parcel request from the Samaritan Team

Once again it is that time of the year when the Samaritans start to collect and prepare for the Christmas parcel packing. At this stage we are looking for second hand handbags (to pack toiletries), empty 2L Ice Cream Containers and stationery for school children. Many thanks.

We Need YOU!!!

UntitledWe need donations of RICE, FLOUR, EGGS, BUTTER & SUGAR for the food emporium so please help out if you can.

We need your input and participation to make this fundraising day a roaring success, so please come forward with ideas and offers of help. Please contact Tish Credie at 083 292 2580 (after 14h00 please)

This is also a great opportunity for fellowship with each other and to make you feel that you are part of the Trinity family. So far, apart from the stall owners, we have not heard from anyone regarding donations or any offers of assistance. This is your church and we need the funds, so please help.

Feeding Scheme

Please come forward with an offer to help the Feeding Scheme, even if it is just to help out when someone is away. We desperately need people to help and it only means giving up 1.5-2 hours of your time per week (either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday). Contact the office if you are interested. Easy work, great rewards!

Picnic at Trinity on 27 September 2015

Instead of going home after the 09h30 service, why not stay and have a picnic in the garden and get to know other members of the congregation and just relax. Don’t forget to bring a basket for the food you have ordered, and a blanket/chair.

Please indicate below what you would like in your basket: Hand your completed form in at the info desk or phone Wanita (073 547 7682) during the week with your order. Deadline for booking is 25 September 2015.

Ham and cheese roll or sandwich R6,00
Chicken mayo roll or sandwich R5,00
Mince balls (each) R2,00
Cheese -single wedge R2,00
Fruit tray R10,00
A box of juice R6,00
Coke can R8,00
Crunchy biscuits R3,00

Summer Celebration – Can you help?!?!

The organisers would really like it if you could lend a hand. If you feel that you could add a stall to the list, please contact Tish (083 292 2580). We need your input and participation to make this fundraising day a roaring success, so please come forward with ideas and offers of help.

Vacant position at MES Kempton Park

MES has a position available for a half-day Resource Developer/Marketer. The person needs to be bilingual and have previous experience in fundraising and marketing. Own vehicle essential. CV’s must be submitted by 22 September 2015 to

Indescribable – Disciple Class

The Disciple Class is about to start a 13 week course on the Louis Giglio videos titled ‘Indescribable’.

The course is held between 19h00 – 21h00 every Wednesday from the 9th of September and goes through to the 2nd of December. If you would like to travel with us on this journey please come and join us.

Tea/coffee is served before the class starts.







How Great is our God

To Tell the Truth:
Zoom in before you jump in
Drop the rock
Sink your teeth , save your life

Seeing God as a Perfect Father:
Growing up like dad
What you think about when you think about God

Fearfully and wonderfully
New life, new genes

Who is blessing whom
Supernatural life inside
The Prayer God always answers

We Need Help!

We need welcome teams for the 24th of December at 18:00 and the 25th of December at 08:00.

Please contact Ruth or the church office if you can help out.

Assistance Needed!

One of the people we give a Samaritan parcel to (unemployed), has had the misfortune of his shack burning down. He has no money to replace the items lost, but one of the items he needs is a 2nd hand mattress. If anybody has a mattress that they no longer use, please contact Cynthia (011 391 2473).


Many will be shocked to find
When the day of judgement nears
That there’s a special place in heaven
Set aside for Volunteers.

Furnished with big recliners,
Satin couches and footstools,
Where there’s no committee chairman,
No group leaders or carpools.

No eager team that needs a coach,
No bazaar or cake sale,
There will be nothing to staple,
Not one thing to fold or mail.

Telephone lists will be outlawed,
But a finger snap will bring
Cool drinks and gourmet dinners
And treats fit for a king.

You ask: “Who’ll serve these privileged few,
And work for all they’re worth?”
Why, all those who reaped the benefits
And not once volunteered on earth.


Summer Celebration Committee

Those members of the congregation who have been elected by their home groups to represent them on the Summer Celebration Committee, please note that there will be a meeting at T.U.C. on 29 August at 09h30 in the Youth Room.